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  Custom Work

Tokara olive tree
It’s basically an olive tree inverted – so the central light will be the ‘sun’.
It’s for their new Olive restaurant opening later this year.
It’s beautiful, and is constructed according to fractal geometry.

5 Large white balls
For a shopping centre in Joburg, these were custom made at a specifically required size – 1200mm.

A self initiated project, using old garden furniture but adding more contemporary coloured woven panel wire, to re-invigorate these old SA classics.

Tokyo 2008 – Laketown eco-mall
This was the series of lights we made for Tokyo last year – the biggest we’ve ever made.
It was incredibly hard work, and included a series of workshops in Tokyo for kids and students.

My secret place
Initially a commission for a client’s kitchen in Amsterdam, I remade this for the Joburg art fair this year as well.
Intended as something to ‘hide’ inside of – the colour becomes apparent only once one is close to it.

Colourdrop – Milan 2008
This was made for a company called Misael in Milan last year.
It’s exquisite.

Juta letterball
For Juta’s new flagship store in Claremont.

Media 24
A series of screens and pleated lampshades for Media 24.

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